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Your office chair is your most important workplace relationship. No matter where or how you work, Aljedaie Office Co. has the perfect chairs to support you. From the workstation to the conference room. The breakroom to the reception area. Aljedaie Office Co. help everyone find more comfort, productivity and happiness. Day in and day out.

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Swivel armchair withheadrest, upholsteredbackrestHero is a collection of heroes, automatically align..
Swivel armchair, backmesh, headrestHero is a collection of heroes, automatically aligned for everyon..
Cantilever frame, upholstered backrest witharmrests, stackableHero is a collection of heroes, a..
With the simple and elegant design , ICON chair could fit in various office environments. The breath..
Swivel medium highFlexGrid(armrests optional)Whether in open-plan or individual offices: When it's i..
Legender is the ultimate executive chair. A combination of functionality, class and elegance, drawin..
Leopard’s luxurious stature and unique curvature would appear to be entirely designed for aesthetics..
Today’s office chairs demand more than functionality. Relaxed, residential-feel spaces create work e..