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Your office chair is your most important workplace relationship. No matter where or how you work, Aljedaie Office Co. has the perfect chairs to support you. From the workstation to the conference room. The breakroom to the reception area. Aljedaie Office Co. help everyone find more comfort, productivity and happiness. Day in and day out.

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Swivel chair with Body-Float synchromechanism and weightadjustment, membranebackrestThe synthes..
Cantilever frame,medium with armrests,dynamic membranebackrest, stackableThe synthesis of lightness:..
Okamura CP is a cutting-edge ergonomic chair developed in collaboration with the world-renowned Ital..
Complete ComfortBe Chair is available in soft and resilient fabric and PU with excellent ergonomic d..
BOSSEN seating is the benchmark of mesh chair design in with design patent and it has been one..
3D armrests(Height/Pivot/Width)Height adjustable active lumbar supportBlack coating sled base..